Harm from secondhand smoke

harm from secondhand smoke

What is the harm from second-hand smoke and what actually makes a person breathe in other people's tobacco breaths?
If a person does not smoke, respectively, he will either not be in a smoky room, or he will still receive a dose of intoxication, which is certainly harmful to the body, but not as much as direct smoking.

Based on the practice, a non-smoking person is unlikely to endure all the hardships of a smoked room for a long time - firstly, he will not be able to stay there for a long time due to deterioration, secondly, non-smokers have a much better sense of smell than smokers and as a result it is unlikely to get smoked clothes, hair, and personal items whether anyone needs it and if it’s impossible for some reason to leave, then the next time a non-smoker will in every way avoid getting into such a situation, and he will be right!

Of course, there is the possibility of “grabbing” a dose of tobacco smoke in a smoky room, but now smoking is prohibited almost everywhere in public places and even in parks and squares, which significantly reduces the risk of secondhand smoke.

One can compare the harm from a smoked cigarette and the inhalation of smoke from a nearby smoker, but no one forces you to breathe these exhalations. Accordingly, the harm from second-hand smoke is practically negligible, unless of course the smoker intentionally smokes in your presence.

Do not fall for the trick!

Many smokers who smoke you begin to tell you about the dangers of secondhand smoke, that being near them and breathing their tobacco exhalations is much more harmful to health than not smoking at all or smoking a regular cigarette. To smoke a cigarette is less harmful than breathing someone else's cigarette smoke ...
Particularly “advanced” in this matter, specialist smokers say that when inhaling tobacco smoke when smoking, about 4000 different chemical compounds, including carcinogens, are inhaled, and when exhaled, this amount increases by 3 (three!) Times. This is thought up so that people continue to smoke, it is easier to smoke, buy cigarettes and tobacco, and therefore less harm to themselves than inhaling other people's smoke. If we adhere to such a doctrine, then the idea of ​​inhaling automobile exhaust directly from a pipe is quite normal than being close to a car with a working engine. And why do you need to inhale something and think about how to reduce the harm from this?

Endure the desire to smoke, or willpower

patience or willpower in the fight against smoking

If you think that having endured a strong desire to smoke, you quit probably you will be right. But not for long.
How much to endure? Day, week, month? And then, what, it will be possible to smoke without consequences and cravings, or will you not want to? Of course, you can gather all the will together and suppress all desire and need for smoking, but this is not possible for everyone who wants to quit, and secondly it is accompanied by real torment and restrictions that not everyone can withstand, and the temptation to break and smoke is very high, especially after some time of abstinence.

However, most people think that this is the way to quit smoking and pay with torment for the long, years-long dubious “kaif”. In some ways, such people will be right, implying that everything must be paid for in this life, but do not forget about the reverse side of the coin.

By quitting smoking, your body will begin to recover. Moreover, the frequency and strength of adverse reactions, in my opinion, is directly proportional to the health spoiled by smoking. If possible, do not make a double effort on yourself in the form of a strong-willed one - bordering on maximum stress over yourself on failure and the period when you will recover. This is the path of maximum resistance - the most difficult and difficult. Also try not to think that if I endure all this and quit smoking, I will quit forever. Your goal is to quit smoking and not to smoke in the future, but not to suffer and suffer in return for smoking.

Can I quit smoking without torment? Can. All fears and nicotine addiction can be minimized.
How easy is it to quit smoking? There are many ways.

For many, the fact of refusing a cigarette is very difficult; they call it the inability to quit.
Others may not smoke for several days or even weeks, and then smoke as usual.
Someone stops smoking by force of will, and then, even after many months of abstinence from tobacco, he lights a cigarette.
Someone constantly throws and constantly starts and so on in a circle. I smoke, I do not smoke.

First of all, you should want to quit smoking!

The harm from smoking significantly exceeds the harm from other negative factors affecting the body. And the most “joke” is that a person poisons himself and pays for it. If you really want to quit smoking, do not set yourself on the path to maximum resistance. No smoking is wonderful, normal and absolutely natural! The more distinctly you realize this, the easier and “more painless” the period of habituation and a bad desire to smoke will go.

What to do if lit again

what to do if smoked

And so, for some time you did not smoke (a week, a month, several months, a year or more ...), but you returned to the cigarette again.
My personal observations. I really hope this helps you.

What to do?

Depending on your abstinence from smoking:
The longer you haven’t smoked, the easier it will be for you not to smoke anymore, and regardless of whether you smoked a random cigarette or planned one, for example, to check yourself, for example, in six months.
I am sure that the smoked cigarette did not bring any positive aspects, including an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth, and gave a new countdown - from now on I will have to not smoke, but I have not smoked already ..., so much time.

What time period did you quit smoking when you started reading this post? Are you planning to quit smoking but are hesitant? Or do not smoke anymore, but are you considering testing your strength with a one-time cigarette, possibly an electronic one? You may have quit and not smoked, but one, a “trial” one, it’s not clear why it was smoked, a cigarette gradually brought you back to smoking and nicotine addiction, maybe even in a different form - vape, electronic cigarettes, etc., but you reassure yourself that such nicotine consumption and smoking is incomparably harmful to the body with ordinary cigarettes, that you improved your vital signs and recovered after you didn’t smoke, and now you smoke much less than before and you can even say no cigarettes (electronic equivalent ), You almost do not harm your body, but what is really there and you do not smoke in the direct form.

So, the normal state of the human body - without a cigarette, without nicotine addiction. Trying to convince yourself about the rare consumption of nicotine, a small amount of smoked, as it is unreasonable. Why is this even necessary?

People who accepted the fact that smoking is harmful, that it is a strong dependence on which you can still get rid of and live with thoughts as if I never had it. They will not, and will not start smoking, even if certain thoughts arise from time to time throughout life. I sincerely envy people who quit smoking and regard smoking as a passed stage, realizing that a smoked cigarette, maybe even a few cigarettes, can contribute to a return to smoking, and they will not bring any, absolutely no benefit.

Smoked your first cigarette after not smoking for a long time?
What for? Craving for smoking may increase, someone immediately and strongly, someone will think the next day and may begin to "yearn" for a cigarette.
My advice is to endure this period. To endure is a bit rude word, it’s better to even say to wait out this period, everything is within our power. He will want to smoke, but he will not smoke anymore. Wait and do not return to smoking.

They started to smoke after a long period, how did they quit?
Think you stop at any moment? Stop smoking immediately! Unless of course you want to quit and not return to smoking. Those who began to smoke - the most difficult thing for them is to stop. A person does not seem to smoke as before, but he cannot be called a non-smoker. It is possible to abruptly start any additional methods of throwing, but usually during this period there is a feeling that this is not necessary and this is for smokers - I’ve been dabbling for 1-2 cigarettes for a couple of days without buying a pack.

In this state, 2 options:

I. Smoothly, it is easy to reach new horizons of smoking and smoke as before, or more.
Moreover, the smoothness can be long, about a month, one and a half months, during this period you may hide and hide what you smoke from your close circle. Chewing chewing gum, constantly seizing a smoked cigarette (nuts, chocolate bars, etc.) for lack of halitosis, holding a cigarette with foreign objects or through a packet - for lack of a cigarette stench, frequent washing of hands, mark this period. It’s very troublesome and annoying to associate each cigarette with hand washing, seizing and coffee. When the desire to smoke completely takes possession of a person, he ceases to hide and begins to smoke openly, feeling relieved that he does not need to hide and do something extra. You can now smoke openly and as much as you like, at least one by one.

II. Overpower yourself and do not smoke, and in the near future physical dependence will weaken. Other methods in the form of tablets that facilitate smoking cessation - at will and well-being. Personally, it was easier for me to do, at such a moment, without additional methods. We tolerate and nicotine addiction recedes. Plus, this is such that you already know how wonderful it is to live without a cigarette. This option is more difficult both morally and physically from the first - smooth exit to constant smoking. However, winning from all sides. If you quit during such a period, then the success of a real quit smoking - you will understand the rejection of cigarettes in full.
Do not give in to thoughts - one more and everything, I’ll tie it up. This “one” cigarette will not solve anything, even if you want to remember it as the last in your life. Do not go in cycles that everything should go smoothly and according to yours - in this lies the catch. Suppose you decide to smoke the last and tie. You have no cigarettes. You go “shoot” - ask for a cigarette from a smoker, and they give you a cigarette of the brand you can’t stand, but you should smoke - that’s the last one. You smoke it, without the pleasure you wanted to receive and with a feeling of dissatisfaction, you begin to wait for the next, “last” cigarette of the brand that you prefer.

Do not fall for such a step. Do not indulge yourself in the form of “last” cigarettes. Do you want to remember her? Do you want to remember this solemn moment? You need it, for what, what will this moment give you?
I’ll tell you a secret, over time when you don’t smoke for years - you can forget the date of your last cigarette, you may not remember how many years you have not smoked. And you absolutely will not need it.

All these last cigarettes and constant tossing are reminiscent of the dictum: That health is like a complete wallet of coins, from which we take out of necessity, but do not return anything ... Think about how much is left there?

Stop! At this stage, it is in your power, without additional drugs and methods.

Already quit and did not smoke, but again return to smoking one cigarette, and later again you start smoking and so on in a circle?

I had it. You know the joy of life without cigarettes and tobacco stench, you enjoy life without smoking, while at the same time you “understand” nicotine addiction, rejoice at the momentary “high” to smoke, knowing full well that this will lead you to death faster and worsen the quality of life. A difficult moment. But you need to determine, it is better to choose health and the absence of spending on its damage. You just need to choose what you need. To smoke or not. Further, any method of throwing from the known, affordable and as you consider effective. Follow all that the method that you have chosen prescribes, but you should understand that any method of quitting smoking helps you to get rid of addiction, and does not save you from smoking.

And yet, do not set yourself temporary measures and do not consider: - with the quit, so much as I no longer smoke, how much I will smoke cigarettes before throwing and so on. Anyway, you’ll have time measures from time to time, remember them but don’t focus on them. If you do not smoke, you are already a happy person.

How many times can I quit smoking?

attempts to quit smoking

How many times can I quit smoking?
Do not suffer remorse that you are returning to a cigarette. The main thing is the desire to quit smoking.
Perhaps you will be tired of constantly quitting and you will refuse forever, perhaps you will find your option to refuse.
If you give up smoking, even with unsuccessful subsequent attempts, it can be assumed that you yourself and intentionally give up cigarettes for some time. Many smokers want to quit and cannot do this.

Dont be upset. You will definitely be able to quit smoking.

I had something similar too.

How many times have I quit smoking

If you count my attempts to quit smoking, then there are a lot of them. How can you throw so many times?
I agree, therefore, I’m sharing with you how to avoid this, or to minimize the number of such attempts. All my attempts were “successful” - if I may say so.

I did not smoke for some time, and then started again. Why did this happen?
As I understand it, giving up cigarettes was relatively easy for me. Of course, I was preparing to throw, and wondered about the possible discomfort and craving for a smoke. Of course, I didn’t stop smoking at the click of my fingers, as some people can do, certain “breakdowns” were present in any case - psychological and physical, binge eating, unhealthy craving for sweets, shortness of breath ... In some attempts to quit smoking, these symptoms were stronger, in which it is weaker or almost not expressed at all.

Later, over time, there came a feeling of joy and happiness in life without a tobacco stench and a significant improvement in general condition, even without active physical activity, not to mention the complete absence of playing sports at that time (the period of the first attempts to quit). Happiness and relief was only that I do not smoke.

After a while, the feeling of ease of breathing and general well-being seemed to speak for themselves, your body has been cleansed, which is why you should smoke again. One time. Moreover, somewhere I heard that a cigarette erodes from the body in a few hours. And I haven’t smoked for a long time and feel great, accordingly, having smoked a “good” cigarette, I basically do not risk anything, everything will disappear, and I will check myself and look at the sensations.

And gradually it all started over again, sometimes smoothly, on a cigarette, two a day. Another time, from my attempts to quit, almost immediately - I will buy a pack of expensive high-quality cigarettes, smoke it, and then stop smoking, I thought. The reason for such excellent, but unsuccessful throws, is not in the unpreparedness, as many say to themselves - they say the time will come, I will give up. If you have not smoked for some time, do not start and do not try. Even if a lot of time has passed. The reason, in my opinion, is new each time, but very similar to another reason. Enumerate these reasons do not see the point. Starting from the thought “that the body was cleansed” and already “you can smoke”, ending with the pretext “check yourself” by smoking.

How to avoid this? Just don't start smoking. And do not count how much you no longer smoke. And generally try not to focus on this topic. Rejoice that you do not smoke.

Such a cigarette will not give anything good, but to smoke for the sake of testing yourself? What for? - You don’t smoke anymore and there’s simply no reason to try, but there’s an opportunity, even a minimal one, to smoke again. Do not smoke again, even because of interest or self-examination!

Do not start smoking after any period of time during which you have not smoked. This is especially true for those people who argued that they would quit (possibly for a large amount of money), or with a huge effort of will stopped smoking. So it was very similar to me. I quit because I realized that it was harmful, that was enough, that the harm from smoking to my health was much greater than the pleasure from desired and appropriate cigarettes. Over time, when you do not smoke for a long time, such thoughts are erased from memory, a bet or an argument can be won by you and now nothing holds you to smoke. If you throw with such thoughts - you will not be easy for you. Someone will quickly smoke, justifying himself that he has fulfilled the conditions, someone will endure for a long time and wait that it is already possible to smoke, since a lot of time has passed, now it is possible, one cigarette is generally “not considered” and so on ...

Many also break down at the moment when the general condition of the body worsens, finding answers to themselves that when I smoked, I didn’t have such bad health.

What happens, you do everything right, do not even smoke for a long time, but you can’t completely refuse. Everything is back. You can try to hide to smoke, because you are ashamed of throwing again, but you still mentally consider yourself a non-smoker. How to be By removing tobacco and cigarettes (causing nicotine addiction) from your life, you do not deprive yourself, you get rid of excess and acquired addiction. If you had attempts to quit smoking and temporary periods when you did not smoke, this is in any case a good experience and this better than you smoke and constantly put off and think that I’ll definitely quit smoking - sometime, someday, then ... Maybe.

Attempts to quit smoking can be any number, the main desire is to quit. Even if you break down and weakly believe that you will ever quit smoking, I’ll tell you that you can stop smoking, and it’s easier than it seems, there are many ways, I can even say that there are much longer actions with your body, and it may seem that they are more complicated than quitting smoking, but it will only benefit your body, for example: lose weight, increase strength, stop eating harmful and unhealthy foods. Is it harder than quitting smoking? It will extend my life and improve my quality of life - most likely yes. Moreover, I will say that playing sports and increased physical activity is not necessary immediately after quitting smoking. Some sources even indicate that it is possible to increase the active load and exercise no earlier than a few months after giving up cigarettes. All individually - depending on smoking experience, age and well-being after refusal.