Endure the desire to smoke, or willpower

patience or willpower in the fight against smoking

If you think that having endured a strong desire to smoke, you quit probably you will be right. But not for long.
How much to endure? Day, week, month? And then, what, it will be possible to smoke without consequences and cravings, or will you not want to? Of course, you can gather all the will together and suppress all desire and need for smoking, but this is not possible for everyone who wants to quit, and secondly it is accompanied by real torment and restrictions that not everyone can withstand, and the temptation to break and smoke is very high, especially after some time of abstinence.

However, most people think that this is the way to quit smoking and pay with torment for the long, years-long dubious β€œkaif”. In some ways, such people will be right, implying that everything must be paid for in this life, but do not forget about the reverse side of the coin.

By quitting smoking, your body will begin to recover. Moreover, the frequency and strength of adverse reactions, in my opinion, is directly proportional to the health spoiled by smoking. If possible, do not make a double effort on yourself in the form of a strong-willed one - bordering on maximum stress over yourself on failure and the period when you will recover. This is the path of maximum resistance - the most difficult and difficult. Also try not to think that if I endure all this and quit smoking, I will quit forever. Your goal is to quit smoking and not to smoke in the future, but not to suffer and suffer in return for smoking.

Can I quit smoking without torment? Can. All fears and nicotine addiction can be minimized.
How easy is it to quit smoking? There are many ways.

For many, the fact of refusing a cigarette is very difficult; they call it the inability to quit.
Others may not smoke for several days or even weeks, and then smoke as usual.
Someone stops smoking by force of will, and then, even after many months of abstinence from tobacco, he lights a cigarette.
Someone constantly throws and constantly starts and so on in a circle. I smoke, I do not smoke.

First of all, you should want to quit smoking!

The harm from smoking significantly exceeds the harm from other negative factors affecting the body. And the most β€œjoke” is that a person poisons himself and pays for it. If you really want to quit smoking, do not set yourself on the path to maximum resistance. No smoking is wonderful, normal and absolutely natural! The more distinctly you realize this, the easier and β€œmore painless” the period of habituation and a bad desire to smoke will go.

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I do not smoke for more than 5 years. Do not pull. I do not regret that I quit smoking, on the contrary, I think that it would have been possible earlier. I love sports, but not a HAZARD. Peace for everyone!

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