Quit smoking. The best time.

better time to quit smoking

Named the best time to quit smoking.

When is that? At any moment starting right now! Right now!

I explain why. Now - when you read this, what happens is that you can get rid of smoking, and it happens without fail. It can be anything, some kind of obstacles from the side of the law - prohibitions, restrictions, for example, fines for smoking in places where before you could smoke without even thinking. Constant price increases for cigarettes and nicotine analogues of smoking. There may even be interruptions in the supply of smoking products. It is even possible that there is an outbreak of the appearance of an infectious disease on the earth, which can occur with complications or cause a critical condition, up to a fatal outcome, due to a weakened smoking body or already received negative changes obtained due to smoking, and you can not even guess about it!
Whether it is considered a sign or a signal from above to reflect on your health or continue to smoke and hope for a proverb: what to be, not to be avoided. It’s even possible to constantly look at your life line on your hand and reassure yourself that it is long, that I feel great and that’s all, bad things that can happen will bypass me, because all the prerequisites for a long life are already checked and taken into account .

But even if you adhere to an optimistic scenario, relying on a life line and some personal signs that everything will be fine, they do not say anywhere that a long life can pass with a health defect, for example, get a stroke due to a thoughtless attitude to your health , or to save not the full volume of the lungs after an infectious disease. Accordingly, after that, immediately and immediately, quit smoking and continue to live and count the years on your recovery? Why wait and aggravate dramatic events for your health. If you delay and wait for an opportunity to quit smoking - this moment has come right now. You read it. You already know that.
Do you think it will be easier to quit further and for this there will be some special conditions under which, as if by a wave of a magic wand, you stop smoking? This will never happen.
Then you will smoke more cigarettes, vapes or any other electronic analogues of smoking than at the moment, which you understand will not improve your health, and you yourself understand, the more time passes from the moment you read this post, the more you will fill your lungs with smoke and nicotine, you will receive regular carbon monoxide poisoning (CO) and experience oxygen deficiency.

Most people, being optimists, take into account any, even the most insignificant and essentially meaningless signs and signals of a positive and favorable future, despite the constant and frivolous attitude to their health.

The real optimism lies in the fact that even the most negative and “unrealistic” prerequisites for quitting smoking are actually passing and not worth the experience and possible fear that they cause. All these horror stories and “impossibilities” to quit smoking so much remain in the past and are not remembered at all, do not disturb and do not make itself felt that any person who quit smoking always regrets why he did not do it before.

If you think that there are some deadlines, that you need to take courage and plan some time for preparation in order to quit smoking, then I will tell you - you can do without preparation.
You can quit smoking right away without preparation and regrets.

You need the last cigarette smoked at midnight, in memory of the past smoking, or the ritual of the last pack, or something else ... Why?
After some time, maybe even in a month, will you need this last smoked cigarette in your memory? You will remember her brand, how you lit her, how you savored the last blue smoke? Are these “memorable events” really important to you?

Another important point.
Suppose you are mentally ready to quit smoking right now. Throw away cigarettes and a lighter, breathe deeply and live on enjoying all the charms of life without smoking. But physically, nicotine addiction makes itself felt every hour, every half hour. You constantly delay the moment of failure, plan it for a week, a month in advance, and so on.
You are ready to quit smoking, but you want to do it smoothly, without the torment of weaning, it seems to you that something is about to happen and you just don’t want to smoke, but before that you need to smoke, smoke tomorrow, buy the last block of cigarettes, the last pack and etc. and so on. I want to do something, play it safe, be confident and prepared for the fact that quitting smoking will be easy and carefree. Well, imagine quitting smoking would be very painful - but doable!

Life without smoking and remaining health cost more than even the most excruciating withdrawal without cigarettes. Which occurs extremely rarely and lasts in the longest period of no more than 4-5 days.