About hookah

hooka, shisha, chicha

Smoking a hookah is not safer than regular cigarette smoking.

Although there are less harmful substances in hookah smoke than in cigarettes, the amount of smoke inhaled over the entire period of the session makes this fun of smoking far from healthy.

Hookah smoke actually contains less harmful compounds and toxic substances than cigarette smoke, also the filter in the form of water or milk has a very calming effect on many people - there are very few toxic substances, the filter almost completely cleans everything harmful and at the end we get aromatic and chilled (thanks to water and a long pipe) almost harmless smoke, they say.

Despite the lower health risks compared to cigarette smoke, hookah smoke contains nicotine and carbon monoxide CO, in a lower concentration than in a cigarette. However, for a hookah smoking session, which is 15 - 180 puffs, you can get a dose of CO and nicotine much higher than in 1 cigarette.

It is also worth mentioning the amount of inhaled smoke: when smoking a cigarette, 40-80 ml of smoke enters the lungs per 1 puff, when smoking a hookah - up to 1 liter of smoke, per puff.

Is there addiction to a hookah? Of course, it may not be the same as for cigarettes, however, nicotine addiction can be felt with regular smoking of hookah. You can also feel the symptoms of withdrawal when giving up a hookah, even from irregular smoking.

Hookah harm is not as obvious and strong as from cigarette smoking, but do not forget about passive smoking and the possible transmission of various infectious diseases and viruses (such as the herpes virus), when used together or the sterility of smoking mouthpieces is inadequate.

Is it safe to smoke a hookah? (quality tobacco, low nicotine content, etc.)
It's impossible. There is no harmless and safe smoking hookah. Hookah is a modified smoking and nicotine addiction.

If you decide to quit smoking, do not switch to smoking a hookah as less harmful!
If you quit and don’t already smoke, don’t try the hookah as a harmless alternative!
On a hookah, you can easily and smoothly return to regular smoking. Know this and do not try to repeat.