Harm from secondhand smoke

harm from secondhand smoke

What is the harm from second-hand smoke and what actually makes a person breathe in other people's tobacco breaths?
If a person does not smoke, respectively, he will either not be in a smoky room, or he will still receive a dose of intoxication, which is certainly harmful to the body, but not as much as direct smoking.

Based on the practice, a non-smoking person is unlikely to endure all the hardships of a smoked room for a long time - firstly, he will not be able to stay there for a long time due to deterioration, secondly, non-smokers have a much better sense of smell than smokers and as a result it is unlikely to get smoked clothes, hair, and personal items whether anyone needs it and if it’s impossible for some reason to leave, then the next time a non-smoker will in every way avoid getting into such a situation, and he will be right!

Of course, there is the possibility of “grabbing” a dose of tobacco smoke in a smoky room, but now smoking is prohibited almost everywhere in public places and even in parks and squares, which significantly reduces the risk of secondhand smoke.

One can compare the harm from a smoked cigarette and the inhalation of smoke from a nearby smoker, but no one forces you to breathe these exhalations. Accordingly, the harm from second-hand smoke is practically negligible, unless of course the smoker intentionally smokes in your presence.

Do not fall for the trick!

Many smokers who smoke you begin to tell you about the dangers of secondhand smoke, that being near them and breathing their tobacco exhalations is much more harmful to health than not smoking at all or smoking a regular cigarette. To smoke a cigarette is less harmful than breathing someone else's cigarette smoke ...
Particularly “advanced” in this matter, specialist smokers say that when inhaling tobacco smoke when smoking, about 4000 different chemical compounds, including carcinogens, are inhaled, and when exhaled, this amount increases by 3 (three!) Times. This is thought up so that people continue to smoke, it is easier to smoke, buy cigarettes and tobacco, and therefore less harm to themselves than inhaling other people's smoke. If we adhere to such a doctrine, then the idea of ​​inhaling automobile exhaust directly from a pipe is quite normal than being close to a car with a working engine. And why do you need to inhale something and think about how to reduce the harm from this?