Coronavirus (COVID19) and smoking

Covid19 and Smoke

Smoking and coronavirus. Updated data for May 2020.

Increasingly, there is evidence that the coronavirus bypasses smokers and it is not easy for the smoker to get the coronavirus. Why this happens remains a mystery. Toli tobacco smoke neutralizes the virus, felts nicotine itself somehow blocks the virus and its reproduction.

Let me remind you, this is about traditional smoking, and not about analogues and electronic versions.

French researchers test nicotine patches on patients with coronavirus.
French researchers suggest nicotine can protect against coronavirus,
which indicates that of the approximately 11 thousand patients hospitalized with coronavirus infection COVID19, in early April, only 8,5% were smokers (this is about 935 patients).

Further there is no less interesting studies according to the Pity-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris.
Of the 340 hospitalized patients, 4,1% were smokers (14 patients), and of the 139 outpatients, 6,1% were smokers (8 patients). The average age of hospitalized patients was 66 years, ambulatory patients 44 years.

For smokers, it looks soothing. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) clearly indicates that smoking cannot protect against coronavirus, on the contrary, it provokes the development of a severe stage of the disease COVID-19.

Also The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation indicated that smokers are easier to tolerate COVID19 have no reason.

My opinion is that smokers have no benefit over coronavirus infection. Neither in the possibility of infection, nor in the possibility of a mild course of the disease. There are smokers who smoke little, but for many years and decades, there are people who combine smoking and physical activity, among smokers there are people who lead a lifestyle similar to a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and who do not have excess body weight. Of course, such smokers have a much higher chance of getting COVID in a mild form than heavy smokers with existing chronic smoking-related diseases, especially among obese people.

The possibility of reducing the infectious dose of the pathogen SARS-CoV2, of course, is. The theory of the “benefits of smoking” in coronavirus is apparently based on that. Due to toxic chemical compounds contained in tobacco smoke, the pathogen concentration decreases and the infectious dose of the coronavirus becomes minimal, which in some cases does not cause disease or COVID19 is asymptomatic or mild. However, in a pandemic and highly contagious (contagious), such statements are more like a one-time winning lottery ticket than permanent protection against infection. Also, a winning ticket with a growing number of diseases can be considered an individual feature of the perception of a new coronavirus, and smoking here has almost no effect on the course of the disease.

And finally, about smoking and coronavirus - look at smoker's lungs in google images.
As they say (no commets).