How not to break after quitting smoking

do not smoke after quitting

I decided to quit smoking, but did NOT light it again.

This topic is not new, already quite a lot of people who quit smoking, are bored, but have not lost their relevance.
I am writing this post now and I think that I have not smoked for a long time, I am not attracted to smoking, I don’t even think about cigarettes, but for someone this is a whole problem, the fight against the desire to smoke again. I will try to help you no longer return to tobacco.

So, when I used to smoke, and I smoked a lot, sometimes a lot (I will have to make a separate post about it). Naturally, I tried to quit smoking, in my early attempts I unconsciously quit, I just realized that it would be worse if I did not stop smoking. Later, the understanding and awareness of throwing still intensified, but at some point I still returned to the cigarette.

How not to smoke after you quit or plan to quit.

You can smoke in two cases:
1. With physical dependence on nicotine for the first time after giving up a cigarette. This is different for everyone, but on average 2-10 days.
2. When there is no physical dependence, but the habit remains, there is an interest in checking yourself after a while, various situations when it is usually accepted to smoke.

If you smoke at these moments, then later you will want to smoke more, while you may think that these are β€œtest” cigarettes or puffs that in no way connect you with further smoking. That's all. You lit up again.
Slow. Neatly. Unaware.

Even if you have iron will and nerves of steel and you endure the continued desire to smoke - why force yourself and mock yourself? Such smoking is not worth the torture.

Variations of smoking after quitting, and how to get out of them.

If you tried to smoke after a long time, you may not start smoking again. I know one person who tried this way to smoke one cigarette a year (for a holiday) after quitting. Why he smoked, I don’t know. Perhaps he was trying to test himself - whether he had completely quit smoking, or tried to experience pleasant feelings from smoking, as he used to be a heavy smoker. But I remember very well that such experiments ended for the first time with bronchitis, and the second time also with some kind of respiratory disease. From one smoked cigarette.
After that, he stopped such experiments. Looking at this, I decided not to smoke even once a year.
The more time has passed since the failure, the less will be the desire to smoke again. But this is all very individual.
You can continue to not smoke without any effort, but this also has a catch. Smoked - nothing bad happened, you can smoke again, even after, for example, a week. There can be no way back, in this way you can return to smoking without noticing it. This is especially true for the use of various smoking novelties, which are considered less harmful and do not exude stench. Do not start smoking and do not test yourself.

Now let's move on to the case if you recently quit. The less time has passed from your last cigarette, the more you will want to smoke. And you can find yourself various excuses and reasons to smoke again. What to do in such a situation? Or experiencing physical cravings a second time, trying not to smoke. Or, start again and plan the next quit smoking when it seems to you that you are ready for it.
Because of such moments, people are afraid to quit smoking and begin to associate quitting smoking with something tough, unpleasant and painful, and sometimes impossible! In this case, I think it is better to try not to smoke, helping myself with various means that facilitate smoking cessation and nicotine addiction. The choice here is wide - these are pills to facilitate smoking cessation, nicotine patches, sprays, and chewing gum, etc. You can choose the option for yourself.
But smoking while taking these drugs, trying to drown out the nicotine need - is impossible. No need to justify yourself with what is written on the package, they say it is necessary to stop smoking after so many days. You had the negligence of smoking when it was not necessary. You need to get out of nicotine addiction as soon as possible - these drugs will help you. No need to try to smoke. This option, even with the desire to smoke, is preferable to health than to start smoking again and plan to quit later.

If you have heard enough or think that quitting pills, nicotine patches, and other drugs do not help much when you quit smoking, then they will help you alleviate smoking abstinence. But do not rely only on them. Remove physical dependence, it will be easier further - day after day. This is a real chance to quit smoking.

Knowing all this - give yourself a setting in advance so that it does not happen - you will not light it. Under no circumstances. Not a single puff of a cigarette, nor an electronic analogue, nor a hookah, nor a cloud of smoke next to a smoking person, no nicotine and tobacco. Take care of your lungs - they will still come in handy.

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I do not smoke for more than 5 years. Do not pull. I do not regret that I quit smoking, on the contrary, I think that it would have been possible earlier. I love sports, but not a HAZARD. Peace for everyone!

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