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  • Are you the person who quit smoking and have tips or stories you want to share?
  • Are you curious that your experience can help many people quit smoking?
  • Do you have real experience in solving problems after quitting smoking?
  • You know how to not gain weight after quitting smoking.
  • You can share your special method of how to alleviate your condition for the first time without smoking or recover as soon as possible after quitting nicotine addiction?
  • You can tell everyone how you feel without nicotine addiction.

What are we looking for

  • We take advice and information from people who quit smoking, get rid of this habit. Your smoking history can be any, as well as your smoking cessation experience.
  • If you quit many times and don’t smoke now, tell us how not to break once again.
  • We are looking for any stories, tips, stories on quitting nicotine addiction, people who have given up cigarettes or other tobacco consumption, who can share their experiences and feelings about how your life has changed for the better.
  • We would like your story or advice to be large in number of words and interesting, the more words, the better :). Almost every successful cessation of nicotine or smoking is quite interesting. Do you think that you do not smoke and there is nothing special about this? If you have not successfully quit smoking and do not smoke for a long time, it is worth a lot. Some people consider this victory, one of the main victories in their life. Write down your feelings after giving up cigarettes, how you coped, how good you are now without cigarettes.
  • We do not hide from search engines and visitors of the authors. You can also add a link to your blog, website, social network account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram),
  • All information, text and graphics, must be 100% original, which have not been and will not be published elsewhere on the Internet. You must be prepared for us to use the content sent to us on this site for an indefinite time. Applicable to texts, you can use your images in other places.

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To post content on the site you must be registeredhowever, if you want to share your anonymously - you can send us through feedback form.
Information from unregistered users is posted at the discretion of the site administration.

Help other people

If you feel that your story can help at least one person get rid of nicotine addiction, feel free to write your story on the site. It doesn’t matter how long you have not smoked, even if you live and have forgotten that you have ever smoked.
People will thank you!